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 Book Ends.

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PostSubject: Book Ends.   Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:25 am

I know, I know, I'm several months late.

But I think this site deserves an eulogy (that is how you spell it?) for all the great times I had and all the great people I met on this site. Sparrow, Paddie, Shinhan, Ayla, Sunawa, Domino, Blitz, Vincent, and heck, even Ralf in that weird 'you crazy' kind of way. Sorry if I missed anyone. (oh, and Sunclaw, you too, you awesome person, you.)

So wherever you are, wherever you will go, know that our time on here and all the other sites was well-spent.

I hope you had the time of your life.

I know I did.

Golden Creek Pack
2009-06-06-Wed Dec 22, 2010

"Of all the thins that I have lost
......I miss my mind the most."
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PostSubject: Re: Book Ends.   Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:16 am

well i mean it didnt totally end, it's still here, right?
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Book Ends.
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