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 Palatio: Alec's tale

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PostSubject: Palatio: Alec's tale   Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:42 am

Well I guess I might start writing, if only 'cause I'm bored. and so...


The silver light on the moon shone the man's face as he stopped for a moment, looking at the far, abandoned road. he could not hear the furious cries of men, or the hounds, which he had duped using a simple trick he had learned from a fox during his youth. He sighed, glad to be around the thick trees for cover, looking less and less like those of his native Italy, and more varied, with strange flowers and -what he believed- must be some sort of fruit on them.
He took a moment to peer down into the bundled package he was carrying, and his gaze softened upon seeing the baby's eyes. they were of a deep blue hue, and his peaceful expression as he slept. The baby had miraculously slept through the escape, which Vulpes, preparing himself for the last leg of the journey, had graciously thanked the heavens for. He gently lifted the baby, and continued on his way.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Vulpes arrived at the estate during the gray dawn, not yet true morning. He had ignored the cold night, completely concentrated on reaching his destination and his goal. Stumbling out the woods, he stared at the door with almost irrational fear; for the man inside the place had enough power to oust the pope himself from his position, if he merely wished for it. Gulping, he knocked on the door six times using the rythm he had been instructed a couple days earlier.
After the last knock, the door widened slightly and a woman's eyes peered out. She relaxed upon seeing him, for the padrone had said this was the courier for which he had sent for. She motioned for him to enter and shut the door after him. The house's warmth flooded over Vulpes like a blanket, which felt so odd after so long in the cold night.
Almost instantly, a man in a purple robe, the timeless expression of pride and power, mixed with eagerness upon his face, approached Vulpes.
"Saluti, Vulpes. do you have him?" He asked, even though it was rather like a demand.
"Sì, padrone, I got him without much trouble." Vulpes responded, unveiling the baby to the padrone.
"Good, now relax, you've had a long journey." He said. "And enjoy, we prepared a small feast for your arrival." He continued, motioning towards another room.
Vulpes handed him the child and eagerly left towards the dining hall. he felt he deserved it.
- - -
Alfonso the padrone watched the man go, sighing. He looked at the corner, where a noble was waiting.
"Fortunato," He called. the man instantly marched forward and bowed his head in respect.
"Poison his drink. we need not have servants who know too much." Alfonso said finally.
Fortunato bowed again. "As you wish." and walked away. Alfonso, alone, took the opportunity to gaze upon the baby's face.
He caught and stopped a small smile that was forming on his face. He walked to another room, and gave orders to the servant there.
"Send him to France. Let him know nothing, except of his last name. I want him to be proud of it." Alfonso took out a small pendant, on it was a coin, in gold, one of the ancient gold coins of the Roman Empire. Alfonso collected such coins, and saw fit to give the baby one.
He put it in the woman's hand, then gave her the baby. As she and the baby departed from the town of Sembrancher, Alfonso muttered a farewell.
"Addio, Anacleto Lombardi."
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PostSubject: Re: Palatio: Alec's tale   Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:05 am

.. Hey, The Fox was in assassins creed 2 I think. Is that Italian I see? I'm assuming the story is based in Italy, the main character being Alec, the baby. Am I right?
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Location : listening to Old no-bark noonan rant about Chinese velociraptors with uzis in the Mojave Desert.

PostSubject: Re: Palatio: Alec's tale   Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:11 pm

So I kinda sorta not really slightly got it from assasins creed 2. (totally unrelated, though, just name) Also I can't believe no one got the Poe ref...
Alec is the main character....for now.
although this is kinda a prequel to another story I wrote years ago. I'm not posting that one, though. not without fixing it...

CHAPTER 1 COMING SOON (to be edited)
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PostSubject: Re: Palatio: Alec's tale   

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Palatio: Alec's tale
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