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 The Path: Edwyn's Tale

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PostSubject: The Path: Edwyn's Tale   Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:48 am

(English and Journalism classes, don't fail me now!)
Edwyn stood atop a hill, surveying the land around him. He thought he must look pretty awesome, and he'd be proud, if he wasn't terrified to death at the moment. He had just left camp for a couple of hours, and Drake should have been back by now. Charles had gone to look for him, and now he was missing too. He would have been less calmer if he had not heard some gunshots in the distance. Plus, the fact that he was a pup did not contribute to his reassurance. He stood there, in the hill, trembling.
- - -
He did not know how long it was -maybe four, three hours- until Charles managed to stumble back onto the camp. Ed scampered to him, the strange bowl-thing Drake had given him to keep water on it. He put it next to the older wolf and let him drink. Once he had drunk all he could, Ed took it back to the nearby stream to fill it up again, then set it next to it. He returned to camp, feelings of anxiety and fear bubbling up inside him. He came close to Charles and asked timidly:"What happened, Chawlie?" The wise wolf turned around and sputtered weakly, "H-hunters. they...surprised us when.. we were hunting." Ed, or Eddy as he was called then, looked at him with his big eyes. "Whewes Dwake, Chawlie?" He asked, his mind creating horrible scenarios, one after another. What Charles answered, however, was a thousand times worse for Eddy. "I.." Charles said, trying to explain. Eddy understood at once what the sadness in Charlie's eyes and the pitied look on his face meant. "No...." He quietly whimpered. He trotted to the edge of the camp, and there he laid crying until the sun rose come next morning,

Chapter 2

He did not know how long, but eventually he realized the cold had awakened him. He woke up grumpily, and was about to yell "What's fow breakfast, Dwake?" When he remembered last nights events. A single tear dropped, then froze on his face. A voice behind him made him turn around, seriousness in it's Cajun accent. "Cryin' wont make things better. Come on, we have to hunt." Charles said. Eddie's thoughts dissapeared, a strange feeling in him. He realized, it was anger. "But-but I'm a pup! I can't hunt! and what am I ss'posed to do besides?" He said, his trembling voice slowly turning into a steady rythm of words. "First, you need to lose that speech problem of yours, I can't take you seriously with it. Second, crying won't bring back Drake, nor will it bring your parents, or your old pack. Sorry Eddie, but I'm the only one you have now." He said this with a tone of sadness in his voice, as if trying to show ed that he wasn't the only one suffering a loss.
Ed took this in, and his anger gave way to sadness, allowing him to realize just how lucky to he was to have a faithful mentor like Charles. He remembered something his father had told him something three months before -it seemed a lifetime ago- and he proceeded to repeat it. "Sometimes, the world will throw you things you don't want, things you worry about, things you hope will never occur again. You must be stwo-strong, and protect those around yourself that you cherish the most." He stated, being painstakingly slow when he needed to make the 'r' sound. Charles looked at him, and he located himself next to him. Eddie felt comfortable and safe with his mentor -almost like a father- and there they lay until their hunger drove them for food.

(Chapter 3 work in progress)
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The Path: Edwyn's Tale
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