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 •Crøw's ßiø•

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PostSubject: •Crøw's ßiø•    Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:15 am

Just to clear up the confusion, I was referred here by Paddie from another pack I'm in and looked at the WQ thread for this pack, only to see it closed. So I'm posting my 'application' here.

Original Name: Corva

Current Name: Crow

Birthpack: Lobos do Salgueiros (Wolves of the Willows)

Number of Members: Eleven

Gender: Female

Age: Three and a Half; will turn four on January 31

Favorite Color(s): Green and Blue

Species: Mexican Grey Wolf

H, L, and W: Height: 27 inches at the shoulder Length: Three feet and seven inches Weight: 60 pounds

Eye Color: Green with flecks of yellow and blue

Physical appearance: Body: Crow is smaller than most wolves from being the runt of the litter. She has long slender legs which gives her agility and balance, but she isn't a good runner due to a past injury. Crow has a wise and knowing look about her, and she always appears to be deep in thought. She has a slight limp in her left hind leg.
Fur: Crow is mostly a woodsy light brown with darker speckles along her back and sides. Her muzzle, ears, paws, and tails are the same color as the speckles. Her belly is a much lighter sand-like brown with variations of the shade.

Personality: Mostly quiet, Crow is not exactly the life of the party. She likes to keep to herself and will rarely talk to others she doesn't know. Crow is extremely wise and a quick learner, as well as a good teacher. She does well in stressful situations, never panicking and always keeping her wits about her. Crow will rush into anything without hesitation, often thinking for herself. She is extremely curious too. Once you get to know her, she can be funny and pleasant to be around.

History: Crow was born into the Lobos do Salgueiros in the Antigo forest along with her siblings; Falico, Pardal, and Karvo. Her parents, Medica and Sabio, were both knowledgeable in the healing arts. Her mother Medica was a specialist in herbs, while her father Sabio preferred more ancient methods such as talismans and chants. Both of her parents taught her most of what she knows today. She lived there for about a year with her parents and siblings, her grandfather Ancio, the alphas Noito and Diamanta, Rapida the huntress, and Forte the warrior. On her first birthday, her father sent her on a scavenger hunt to the nearby Antigo Lago for her gifts. While she was there, she found her necklace that she wears today with some of her father's talismans. She also heard gunshots. Crow ran back as quickly as she could, but she was too late. Her family had been killed (that's what she thought) and lay there at the feet of a group of hunter's and their three dogs. She ran in fear and grief, and kept running, not eating or drinking anything. Crow could only keep that up for a few days, and on the fourth day, collapsed in a field. She would've died if an old Fox hadn't found her. He took her in and brought her back to health. Crow lived there for a time as he taught her the basics of survival and finished her lessons in healing. It didn't last long. One morning, she awoke to footsteps as well as pawsteps joined by barks and excited shouts. She quickly woke the Fox up and started running. The dogs soon started to overtake them; one grabbing the fox from behind and carting him away. The second one rammed her in the side, causing her to tumble into the roots of a tree. After that, it turned and followed its companion. The third and final dog pinned Crow there and waited for the other two to get a distance away. Then it looked at her, almost sympathetic and remorseful, then bit her leg, snapping it instantly and giving her the injury she has to this day. It gave her another 'i'm sorry' look and ran off after the others. Crow managed to leave the roots of the tree and treat her injuries the best she could. Once she'd healed, Crow was back to wandering in grief, and she did so for a long time. After wandering for about half of her life, she met up with the Golden Creek pack.

Birthpack and Family: Mother: Medica; pearly white wolf with turquoise-blue eyes; would be seven years old now; status unknown

Father: Sabio; murky brown wolf with almost iridescent yellow eyes; would be eight years old now; status unknown

Siblings: Falico; oldest brother; amber fur with blonde highlights; hazel eyes; larger than normal; would be four years old now; status unknown

Karvo; twin sister; dusky grey-black with a black sock on her right front paw and a black belly; extremely light blue eyes; normal size; would be four years old now; status unknown

Pardal;older brother; a misty grey lighter than Karvo with a maroon red belly; bright brown eyes; normal to small; would be four years old now; status unknown

Noito; alpha male of the pack; midnight black wolf with dark brown eyes; large and muscular; would be eight to nine years old now; status unknown

Diamanta; alpha female of the pack; snow white wolf with lighter brown eyes than Noito; slender and tall; would be eight years old now; status unknown

Rapida; lead huntress of the pack; ruddy maroon fur with yellow eyes; normal with a fast build; would be seven years old now; status unknown

Forte; strongest member of the pack; grey fur with brown flecks and yellow eyes; larger than most and strong like Noito; would be seven years old now; status unknown

Strengths: Crow is wise beyond her years and has a quick wit. She isn't afraid of very much, giving her an edge in high-risk situations. Crow is agile and can outmaneuver almost anything. She will help anyone, even those who have been rude to her in the past.

Weaknesses: Due to her old injury, she isn't very valuable in a hunt. In fact, she can barely run at all for long periods. Crow tends to seem a little bit of a shut-in with her quiet disposition. Her actions and curious nature can often get her in dangerous situations.

Crow as a puppy!
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•Crøw's ßiø•
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