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 Lies Of Truth

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PostSubject: Lies Of Truth   Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:11 am

Lies Of Truth - Prologue

I gingerly stepped out of the tiny shelter Man had built for us a long, long time ago. It's a wonder it still stands. After my eyes adjusted I walked to the small pond that lay behind the shelter. The pond used to be bigger, but the sun plus time had worn most of it away. I stepped into the slightly foggy water and fell under, letting the water take me away- suddenly I actually fell while still underwater when my foot hit the ground. I put my closest arm out in front of me to prevent my face from slamming into the bottom. Fish swarmed away as I struggled to keep my mouth closed, a trick I had picked up somewhere to prevent myself from swallowing water. At least a little. I easily swam back to the top with many years' of experience and broke through the top, slightly gasping for air from the whole ordeal.

"I found it."

My voice could not hide my joy. I leaped out of the water into the heat. It wasn't summer but it sure as heck felt like it. My eyes quickly glanced around before spotting JJ. "Jay, I found it!" I yelled, running towards him. His voice sounded almost as surprised as his face looked,

"Y-you found it? The-"
"Yes. All this time and we never looked in the Puddle." I cut him off. The Puddle is what we called the once-mighty lake. "The aqua is freezing. You should really go in there once in a while."
I glanced around again before quietly stating, "I see... he left." I wasn't surprised. My brother is many things but he is not reliable. And right now I was mad at him for dying my hair bright pink as a 'practical joke'. It was completely and utterly random. Normally I wouldn't care less, but this - This was permanent! He wouldn't even tell me where he got the stuff. Kept saying, 'You'll know when the time is right.' whatever that means. As for my hair, it will never go back to it's original pure white. They said it might possibly change to pinkish cream, but that is not good enough and I have to trade a whole bunch of stuff for the whitining stuff.

Anyways, JJ looked stunned, and I did not blame him. It was expected. "He said.. that he was going for a walk. You were out cold. That reminds me..." he looked me in the eyes, something he knew would prevent me from telling him anything but the truth. "... Where did you go last night, anyways? You said you were going for a walk, but one, there's no where to walk to and two, you would've been back long before dusk. You never missed a meal before, nor would you. Not once. Spill."

I had no excuse.

I had to tell him.


Perhaps I shall tell him someday.

... Just not now.

"Not once."
It was a statement. Well, that part anyways. Should I tell him?
Nah, I'll procrastinate and leave that for later.
"Uhh Hayley... had another nightmare." I stuttered, pushing past him without touching him.

Remember that shack I mentioned earlier? Yup, that's the one. Seriously, you could barely fit three foxes in it, that's how small the shelter is.

So there I am, running as fast as I could across the clearing to that tiny little shelter that is the cause of all my problems. I must have forgotten about the door, even if it's the kind that swings, because I would have ran clear into it if not it opened. I stumbled inside, ending up flat on my face. Suddenly blood is all I could smell. I thought my nose was broken - I fell that hard - but I couldn't quite tell yet.


It took me but a moment to get up, face Hayley and hiss, "I should be the one saying that."
"No, you imbecile. You ruined my escape plan. I was about to sneak away and meet Jake for cake. Vanilla is his favorite you know."
"Just like yesterday. You should really mix things up a little, sis."
That did it. I could literally see steam coming out her ears. "Don't. You. Dare call me that, princess. " she growled. If she bit me, I swear I would have gotten poisoned from all that venom in her voice.

"Chill. I didn't mean it that way. I forgo-" "Forgot. Just like you 'forgot' what yesterday was. What yesterday meant to me. You didn't even show up, the nerve!"
My mind must have blanked out. Yesterday. Yesterday was... was the day of -
I blinked. Silently, slowly as if I didn't want to startle anything, I crawled back out of the shelter, just then noticing the trail of blood I - My nose, I mean - was creating. Today was not my day. I quickly shook my neon pink fur. Just as a quick note, my brother was the worst with hair dyes. I found that out when I looked at my reflection in the pond. Some fur was hot pink, some dark pink. Yesterday it looked fine, a nice light pink, but maybe it changed..? Just then my stomach rumbled. Ugh + five hundred million does not equil happiness. It just doesn't.

I stalked away, feeling my aura color turn purple. Not a good sign. That or my pink fur must have scared the prey away too, since I ended up with nothing plus a rumbly stomach. Like I said, today was not my day.
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Lies Of Truth
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