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 The Biography of Sakura

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PostSubject: The Biography of Sakura   Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:04 pm

For everything in life you have missed, you have gained something else. For everything you gain, you lose something else.”

Name: Sakura
Pronounced: sah-KURE-ah or sah-KEE-rah
Name meaning: Cherry blossom, which represents loyalty, love, and samurai
Nicknames: Cherry, Suki, Sakura, Anonymous, li'l S, etc.
Gender: She-wolf
Age: Three years
Height: 28 inches at the shoulder
Mantra: "One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching."
Aura: A semi-transparent purple aura that resembles a pair of angel wings. When active, Sakura's steps burn footprints into the surface she stands on.

Personality: Suki likes attention and is optimistic if you get the good side of her. She likes springtime but doesn't really care what season it is. She will fight if provoked, but will try to avoid it if she can. She enjoys climbing trees, swimming and running for fun, and excels at hunting and has extremely good hearing. For some reason chocolate does not make her sick. She is what you would call fearless, in a sense that she has fears but will easily defy them. Suki stands up about anything she believes in and is honest to the core, but is stubborn, which not a good mixture. Travelling with gypsies, Suki has learned many lessons in life and will eat pretty much anything, and is easily entertained. She knows most skills, and what is truly danger to her. She picks fights wisely. Due to walking at night with dangers lurking at every corner, Suki is usually quite. The only way to know she is really there is by scent, though hers is usually faint. Suki is, secretly, a wolf ninja, belonging to a secret band of rogues who meet at every full moon. This is her one and only secret she will not tell anyone, ever. She can also read in Human, and picks knowledge up quickly

Appearance: Silky smooth dark brown fur with a few thin black stripes on Suki's torso and tail that blend in with the brown of her pelt on a rather small build. Also black on the tip of her tail. Because of her small build, she can sneak up easily on prey and, when focused, completely ignores everything except for what she is focusing on. In the winter her underbelly, and sometimes her paws, become white to help blend in with the snow. At all other times, however, Suki has a lighter tan underbelly and paws. Black nose and whiskers. She uses her long, sharp claws instead of her fangs - which are dull and short in comparison to her claws - in a fight more often than most other wolves, mainly due to not liking the fact that she can feel her prey dying in her mouth. Bright fuchsia eyes. A red hue replace Suki's normal white eye hue when mad

History: Suki deliberately doesn't speak about her past. For her, it was not much to talk about. Before she turned two months old, Suki was lost in a coyote 'attack', if you would call it that. Alone and helpless, a tribe of gypsy wolves let the stranger pup join them. So Sakura became a traveler from the moment she could walk. She isn't connected to the world, what most wolves mistake as not paying attention, is due to everything she learned to ignore early in life. Big things, like bears or coyotes, to most wolves seem pesty, scary even to pups, Suki dismisses them as next to nothing. When the gypsy tribe was travelling across a pack border, Suki got separated from them when the pack who owned the border ambushed them. Though she won't show it, Suki is torn about that, and misses the strangers she called 'family'. In the end, though, she moved on and was travelling as a rogue ever since, though as stated above Suki is in a band of ninjas that meet at every full moon, her current family

Streingths: Sakura's main strengths are her intelligence and ability to hunt. She was able to climb trees using while it took days of constant training for other wolves to manage it.
Weaknesses: However, Sakura's weakness lies in her lack of fighting skill and overall talent.

Theme songs:
Stand in the Rain - Superchic(k)
Your Guardian Angel - The Red Apparatus


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The Biography of Sakura
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