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 Zethra's Bio (insert boaring name here)

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PostSubject: Zethra's Bio (insert boaring name here)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:58 am

!Warning! - This biography contains big words, randomness and epic-goodness! Please make sure that you fasten your seat belts before reading this bio. (otherwise you may fall of the chair. xD)

Name: Zethra
Alias: Smoaky (Warning: this is purposely spelled wrong)
Alias Meaning -
Due to his fur color, he is usually often called Smoaky by other wolves, however he dislikes this nickname greatly and rather only his closest friend call him this.

Age: 2 years, or 14
Gender: Male

Description - (https://i.servimg.com/u/f30/14/50/74/39/zethra10.jpg)
Main Pelt:
Zethra's main pelt color is a very dark gray. The way his fur is made, it could easily resemble smoke or charcoal in color.
Eye Color:
Lifeless Teal
Secondary Eye Color(hue): Neon Green or Liquid Golden (depends on the mood)
A dry sandy brown stripe heading down from his nose all the way to where his tail starts. The same color colors his legs like stockings, a deeper wet sandy brown covers his paws like slippers and the color also blends in with his back... stripes of brown come from the brown stripe further up his back, goes past the dry sandy color and into the charcoal fur looking like a spine turning into ribs.

Zethra is a very calm and collect, he acts as if he doesn't have any emotion since he rarely shows it. He's quiet, and wont respond to most things... often seeming like he isn't really there. Although, rarely, he will spike some form of emotion. Such as, anger or frustration depending on the situation. He will also act very nice in nature to those who are close to him and, to sertan people, he can also show annoyance.

Theme Song: Forsaken by Within Temptation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbuuUlSdhEQ&feature=related)

The one thing he does not like to talk about, he rather stay in the present and not worry about things such as his past or about the future... even if his life depended on it. Often, if talked to about it... he will appear distant, before blinking and walking off without much of a word. (although rarely he may lash out at it)

As a pup, Zethra had two brothers... both older, making him the youngest. Due to his strange personality, he would always be bugged by his brothers about it or often asked by his mom if something was bothering him. Which there wasn't. During those times, he would also draw randomly in the sand with his claw... making random scribbles, unconsciously not knowing what he was drawing. Although, they usually turned out as chicken-scratch so it didn't matter anyways.

As time went by, his parents often tried to get him out with others... since he never socialized, eventually winning that small battle.
In those days, he met another wolf. Her name being Celeste, she was also the only person able to get close enough to him... to be shown any personality.

So, during that time period, he acted completely different... his siblings scoffling at this, they really didn't like their brothers new behavior (as odd as it is). So, a few days they starting having "play fights" with him. Although they where really rough about it.

-Three days later, Zethra eventually started getting weak from such "play fights" considering how his siblings where much older then him, and how rough they where. He wasn't to happy, realizing that they where not really playing... but being to rough on perpose since they didn't act that way with anyone else. Another thing happening in those past few days was; Celeste had be captured by Poachers... and because of his brothers... Zethra was to weak to try and help her.

In fact, he had nearly been caught himself.

How he got away, he didn't know... he just did. Although how odd that sounded, it was truth...
and he hated not knowing.

*still in construction. =P cliff-hanger!*
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Zethra's Bio (insert boaring name here)
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