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 Blackwind's Bio

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PostSubject: Blackwind's Bio   Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:27 am

((Copying mostly from the pack topic on WolfQuest boards if that's OK.))

Wolf Name; Blackwind
Wolf Gender; Female
Wolf Age; About 2.5 years old
Fur Color; Dark gray
Markings; Lighter gray underside and sides of muzzle
Personality; Blackwind is playful and likes interacting with other wolves, but she also doesn't fantasize much and has a habit of believing only things that sound strictly possible. She can be social to the point of annoying, but really only wants to be able to talk to someone. She tends to wander but is good at following directions, and feels like she only wants to please others. She doesn't like making anyone else angry or suspicious, which can result in her hiding her feelings from others. She tends not to trust people easily and is often nervous about trying new things, but easily cooperates and follows directions. She's a clever wolf who wants to help make the pack better.
Wolf History; Blackwind was raised by a pack with a lot of space and food, but had strict enough rules so that the resources weren't taken advantage of. She dispersed at the normal age of approximately 2 years to find a mate; but after a while of wandering to many places, she never found one. No one was really willing to accept her because she didn't seem quick enough to trust, although if she were taken into the Golden Creek Pack, then she might get over some of her loneliness.
What goals do you wish to reach while in the pack?; I have a goal to be a known member in some way, so that I can be acknowledged by someone here.
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Blackwind's Bio
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