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 Riley's Bio

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PostSubject: Riley's Bio   Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:02 pm

Name: Riley
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 96 lbs.
Height: 31 inches (at the shoulder)

Base Fur Color: Cream-white
Markings: Dark brown around eyes, on ear tips, tail and dark brown stripes around legs. Light brown on top of muzzle and legs.
Body Type: Riley has a thin and light frame. Her legs are slightly longer than the "average wolf" which helps her with her running. She also holds great stamina and speed, allowing her to run rather fast and long. Riley has bad leg as well. Though rather than showing her pain when it acts up she usually gets a bit irritated.
Eye Color: Brown with a green hue.
Scars: A small 'chip' out of her left ear


Personality: Riley is not a quiet wolf, in fact she's anything but. She'd gladly go up to anyone and start a conversation and would be the first to barge out and charge someone. Though she is a very bold wolf she keeps her inner self locked away; unless you are a close friend of hers. Riley normally "wears a mask", acting formal and eligant, almost royal. But she knows how to have a good laugh and loves pranks. In fact she is often joking around or teasing her pack mates, though she knows there is always a limit... sometimes.

History: Riley doesn't remember much about her puphood. After she left the pack she stumbled upon a lost human child. Riley "raised" the child for a short while before finding a human village to give the child to. She has never spoken of this to anyone for fear of rejection and/or embarassment. Though after leaving the child she went in search of a pack, not wanting to find another human child. Now whenever she asked about her past she goes dormant. Shutting out the world until she feels fit to rejoin the activities. Anytime humans are brought up she often curses them and throws a rampage; but all of it is simply another mask...
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Riley's Bio
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